“Arielle, Queen of the Britons, 
  shall have a Birthday Party...”

“And her party shall be the First day of January, 2005. And the day of her party shall be the First. The second is right out! It shall beith a Holy Grail Party. So, come dressed as someone or some thing frometh that movie...ith...Or as anything from Monty Python. Or not.

The commencing of the party shall be at Noonish,
and Noonish shall be the time of commencing.
Come whenever, the Quest is unending, or until 6-ish.

And the place shall be her castle.
That is your Quest, to seek “The Wholly REL.”

 Come and feast with us...

Instead of a gift (or shrubbery) please bring thee a donation for: The Support Network for Battered Women

At the Support Network for Battered Women, our mission is to empower our diverse community to live free from domestic violence. Our services include a 24-hour toll-free crisis line, an emergency shelter, counseling, information and referrals, support groups, safety planning, legal services and community education presentations. Staff and volunteers also contact police reported victims of domestic violence to inform them of their rights and resources. All Support Network services are completely confidential, are either free or low-cost and are offered in both Spanish and English.

Directions to The Castle Cole: Taketh Highway 680 to Berryessa East. Turn RIGHT on Capitol Avenue. Turn LEFT at Penitencia Creek Road (1st light). Take the third RIGHT onto Kyle. Then the first LEFT on Cayman, then RIGHT on St. Lucia Court. It’s on the right side with the basketball hoop, and the Grail, #825.

 Please RSVP: 408-937-4008.